A guide to Facebook advertising

A guide to Facebook advertising

Facebook has over one billion users! That’s an impressive amount of people that can be reached through Facebook advertising. But the question is, how do you target the right audience for your business? Facebook has a feature that allows advertisers to target people based on their ‘likes’ and ‘interests’. The ability to find and target new interest groups on Facebook will determine your success in Facebook Advertising. Ligerdesign has some tips to help you master this kind of targeting and reach your target market.

1. Expanding on keyword research
You can expand on existing keywords or interests by doing additional keyword research. Under the Facebook Ads Manager, you can find additional key phrases by adding an extra letter after your core keyword. Try out different letters and see what comes up, could any of them be a good target group for your business? You’ll be amazed at how many new key words you discover.

2. Google Keyword Tool
This tool isn’t just for Adwords experts, you can benefit from it too. All you need to do is enter your keyword into the tool, and you’ll see a group of other keywords which you could potentially target. This is a great way to tap into your target audience’s interests.

3. Wikipedia 
Wikipedia is another handy tool to refine your Facebook advertising campaign. Enter your keyword in the ‘Wiki search’ and scroll down to the ‘See also’ section on the page. This section presents related results, which can give you more ideas to explore.

Another way Wikipedia can come in handy is with the ‘Categories’ column that appears with certain keyword searches. This is another area where you might find suitable interest groups for your campaigns.

4. Amazon
Targeting books with famous topics and authors is another great strategy. Search Amazon for books that relate to your business or target customers, because these make great Facebook Interest groups! Search for the hottest selling books and the headlining authors.

5. Spy!
Last but not least, when you’re on Facebook, do some digging and see what your customer’s ‘likes’ and ‘interests’ are. Make a list and compare them to see what the common interests are.

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