Does your website form really need to be that long?

Does your website form really need to be that long?

Many people use website forms to convert leads on their website. There are several factors that can stop a site visitor from taking the desired action that you should watch out for.

It is important to carefully consider every field you add to your forms. Every field added increases the chance a website visitor will not submit the form. Below are 3 key things to consider when putting together or revising your form:

  • Length – how long does it take to complete?
  • Ease of use – is the form simple and straight forward, and does it clearly communicate it’s purpose?
  • Security – the more personal the details you ask for are, the higher the trust level needs to be. Of course there are times when a form needs to collect sensitive information, and you would then take the steps required to assure users the process is safe. But ask yourself if the details you are asking for are absolutely necessary.

Using a simple, clean form layout is a great place to start. Use a minimalist design that is easy to follow, and ensure the information fields are clean and simple so it is clear to people how they should enter their information. Another factor that is often overlooked is letting people know what will happen once the form is submitted. Why should they invest their time and fill out your form? What’s in it for them? Once a potential customer has viewed your site and made a decision to contact you, but has then clicked away from the form before submitting, this is a lost conversion and a significant cost to your business – especially if it is happening regularly. We would recommend reviewing the forms on your website using the points outlined in this article. If you need assistance with your website, please contact Ligerdesign at or call 0416 850 757.

Photo by Alain D Photo on Unsplash