Social media

Social media is the biggest revolution to hit the Internet for years. The useage and download stats on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in particular show that Social Media is now the main use of the internet. As well as allowing the public to network and stay in touch with each other, it also provides an enormous opportunity for businesses, allowing businesses of all sizes to tap into any specific target market they wish. Ligerdesign can provide the following social networking services:
  • creation of online identity (with custom design and layout where available) for your business on all of the major social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn
  • linking of accounts so that only one login is needed to update multiple social networking sites
  • integration of Social Networking tools into your own website eg. ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Find Us’ buttons
  • design and concept of social media ads and posts.
We will create your social media profiles in a way that is engaging, easy to maintain and drives traffic back to your website. Social media is a great, cost effective tool to help companies to gain new customers and sell and communicate to existing customers.