4 ways template logos & cheap stock images are hurting your brand

4 ways template logos & cheap stock images are hurting your brand

Your brand should be like your fingerprint, unique to you. This should flow through to everything – from your logo, to your website, to all of your printed marketing. It needs to communicate your business’s unique identity.

That said, why would you consider using cheap stock images to represent your business?

Stock images are generic, lack personality and don’t evoke any emotion from your customers and prospects. The real killer is that the very same stock image could (and so often does) show up on competitors’ brands. This is also a good reason why you shouldn’t buy template logos.

1. They steal your brand’s voice

No other business is exactly like your business – your values and vision are unique to you, and your brand should reflect that. Your brand’s voice needs to reflect your specific mission. Invest in an original logo, images and website design which capture the unique essence of your brand.

2. They make your brand seem unauthentic

An authentic brand is one that presents itself with honesty and transparency. Using stock images on your website in place of photos of your actual business or employees is the easier option, but it doesn’t build trust with your target market or create an emotional response.

3.  Most logos featuring stock art cannot be trademarked

Since a logo is your business’s visual identity, it’s in your best interest to legally ensure that no other business can use your logo. This is called a trademark. If you use a piece of stock art as your logo, however, it can’t be trademarked as it is not a unique identifier. That same stock art is available to any other person or business that purchases it.

4. Your brand might be confused with a competitor’s

What if you and a competitor both like the same stock image or template? Your brand could then easily be confused with a competitor’s, and that’s the last thing you want.

The more clearly you articulate your brand identity, the more you’ll differentiate your business from the pack.

So, what should you do instead of using templates and stock images?

Hire professional graphic designers who will take the time to get to know your business and create a logo and brand which is unique to your business. And hire a professional photographer to take original pictures for your business.

Make choices that will provide a return on your investment and help your business grow.