The power of image-centric marketing

The power of image-centric marketing

We have the ability to communicate so much more through visuals than we can through any amount of text. We are a visual society, and images tell stories. They allow us to feel emotion and see context.

There are currently more than 2.5 billion camera phones in use, not surprising considering we are in the age of visual culture. Photos are becoming the ‘universal language’. I am a big fan of Instagram, all I need is my phone with my Instagram app and I can snap pics and select the Facebook and Twitter share buttons – it then appears in my follower’s feeds and invites them to engage with me by commenting, liking or sharing. Once they do that, it exposes my content to all of their followers. This can be such a powerful way to promote your brand.

Understanding image-centric marketing can help optimise your marketing campaign and give you an edge over competitors who mainly publish written content.

Here are some ways to use image-centric marketing in your business communications:

Enhance the content
A good image should enhance content rather than just repeat it. Read through your content and put yourself in your audience’s shoes, what is in it for them? How will what you are describing make their life better? What pain point can you take away? Show that in an image.

Genuine images
Study your target audience and use an image that they can relate to. Using stock images you see on every other website with that ‘too posed, fake smile’ approach is not a good way to relate to your audience, it does not drive any emotion as they can’t picture themselves in what is represented in your image. Images don’t need to be literal; they just need to create the right emotion.

Drive the Point Home 
Although good quality copy writing is important, well-placed images can take it one step further. Creating breaks between text gives people time to stop and think about points and concepts. Help readers achieve a thorough understanding of your product/service.

Improve SEO
A simple way to get an SEO boost is by adding a few pictures to each post along with relevant alt and meta tags. This includes the image file name, as well as the Title, Alt and description tags. Properly labeling these tags will help Google index your content and figure out how relevant and useful it is. When posting images to social media sites, take advantage of whatever tagging system they offer and include hashtags where possible.

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Photo by Guilherme Vasconcelos on Unsplash